Faisal Movers Ticket Price List 2020

Faisal Movers Ticket Price

Faisal Movers Ticket Price List | Bus Fares List

Fares were updated on 16 August 2020.

Faisal Movers has multiple bus types and fares are according to these luxury and economical categories. You can find Faisal Movers Fares according to these bus types including Standard, Executive, Executive Plus and Business.

Faisal Movers Ticket Price List

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Faisal Movers Bus Categories

Faisal Movers is known for its flexible and multiple bus types on a single route. Services like Standard, Executive, Executive Plus and Business are available.

Talking about Bus types, They have the following seating plan for buses.

  • Standard: This bus type has Daewoo 116 buses with 45 seats.
  • Executive: Executive buses are rather 40 seater buses or having Latest VOD system installed on the back of every seat.
  • Executive Plus: These buses can be called semi business buses as they have front 9 seats of Business category and rest of the seats are Executive. Multimedia Tab are available at the back of every seat.
  • Business: Last but no the least they have Business buses which are 30 seater luxurios buses in town with massager seats, lavish refreshment and Latest entertainment system.

Faisal Movers Time Scehdule

Please let us know which city fares are required by sending us an email, so that we can add more fares in the list.


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