Road Master

About Road Master:

With decades of experience in serving people, we have learned that it’s not only the product we sell that matters, but the entire experience.
MASTER is a very successful brand in Pakistan only because of the commitment to their Quality in all the products and services it provides. Now Master has decided to launch a fleet of Luxury Buses for the first time in Pakistan having flexible fares through Hybrid Ticketing Systems. As always we will prove that Master will always be a Master.

Cities Covered
Experience in Field

Features & Services

Road Master bus cruise premium features are:

• 40 seats on board

• Personal entertainment console, for every seat, making your journey full of nonstop entertainment.

• Always stay connected with office, family and friends. The battery will not die with charging sockets provided in every seat

• Play your favorite video games

• Perk up your moods with our hot and cold beverage service


Company treats its customers with free hot meals on board, Refreshments are provided by Kitchen Cuisine.


Bus service offers onboard tea and coffee for its valued passengers – a first in bus travel.


Bus Company has  well-equipped Lounges with the necessary amenities. They have the most luxurious lounges.

OnBoard Entertainment

You can enjoy nonstop music from their exclusive playlists catering to all genres. The seats are also equipped with mobile chargers and plug in power for your tablet or laptop.You can also play video games with your kids and spend a great time.

Road Master Operating Routes

Lahore - Rawalpindi

Fare: 1110

road master bus timings

Terminals & Contact Information

Address: Road Master Bus Terminal, Main Band Road Near Gulshan-e-ravi Lahore, Pakistan.

UAN # :042-111-722-822

Address: Road Master Bus Terminal, Peshawar More, I.J.P Road, Rawalpindi Cantt, Pakistan.

UAN # :051-111-722-822